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Together Again: Parents & Family Weekend

We know you feel like you just moved them into their dorm at college (or maybe it feels like ages ago?) but it’s time to start planning that visit back to campus for… Parents & Family Weekend! Typically scheduled by most schools for sometime in the fall, this event reminds us of visiting day at sleep-away camp, except that your kids are usually too busy studying for midterms to spend much time with you. But you really don’t want to miss it, particularly freshman year when everything is so new.

Parents & Family Weekend is a great way to see the college campus in action, to attend lectures and performances put on by the college, and to take your kid out for a nice meal (the dining hall can get old quickly) or out shopping for a few things they might need. By this time, they’ve likely settled in enough to know their way around campus, and it’s great to have them show you around and introduce you to their new college friends. For parents, it’s especially reassuring to see your kids happily adjusting to their new home.

And if your student’s freshman year is off to a rocky start, having you visit might be just what the doctor ordered. Seeing a familiar face and being able to talk with you about how they’ve been feeling can bring great comfort. However, if you are really worried about their wellbeing, you might want to scope out some of the counseling resources on campus with your student.

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  • Bake a batch of their favorite cookies (or purchase their favorite snack) and bring enough for your kid to share with friends and roommates.
  • Encourage your kid to invite a friend, one whose family could not be there for Parents & Family Weekend, to come to dinner with you. The student will appreciate the company – and the free meal off-campus!
  • Book your flights, hotels and restaurants for Parents & Family Weekend now! Hotels and restaurants near campus fill up quickly for college event weekends. Check the school website for hotels that offer discounts for students and their families.
  • Check the city guide online for the city where the school is located to find out what else is happening in the area that weekend. You might find something fun and different to do while in town. 

Above all, be a great visitor. Let your kid be the tour guide and take control of the weekend. Don’t dwell on how much you’ve missed them; enjoy being there and catching a glimpse of your fledgling adult – gloriously separate from you – in their new home away from home.


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