The Art of Letting Go Aug29

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The Art of Letting Go

We recently met a fellow college parent who had so many insightful things to say about the journey we are all on, we asked her to write a guest post. Here are her thoughts for parents who have recently sent their kids off to college:

As you embark upon this new chapter in your parenting, I wanted to give you a few insights that I experienced that softened and eased the transition for me.  My hope is it gives your soul comfort.

Upon returning from settling my daughter into her new life at college, I came home to an empty house and a breaking heart full of memories and feelings. Instead of running, numbing or busying myself,  I allowed myself to feel the full spectrum of emotion those first few days. I grieved and the tears flowed spontaneously.

What was at the core of my sadness was the realization  that I was grieving over a time in my mothering that I would never recapture. It had little to do with my daughter going away to college and everything to do with letting go of a wonderful period in my life that I cherished. This special time in my mothering was ending.

Letting go is painful. Period. There is no way around this and what helped me the most is to experience the fullness of my feelings. I didn’t mask or cover over how I felt, but allowed it all to flow through me. It took several days, but after that a new spark ignited.

I wanted my daughter to have her time to soar, to expand into a lovely young woman that I knew she was so capable of becoming. College would open new horizons, people and opportunities I was excited for her to have.

This left me facing who I was as a woman and what new ways I would shift as a mother. I knew I wanted to seize this golden time to create the next phase of my life too.

My deepest desire was to spread my wings and soar mightily, with new beginnings and new ways that I would be expressing my passion and my heart.

It was time for us both to expand and this gave me comfort. I grew excited and welcomed this new physical and emotional space to create something new that would give my soul purpose.

I know that each of you will find your way through this transition and emerge beautifully, albeit, with a few bumps and bruises. This is normal and expected.

Be kind and gentle to yourself, and know you are meant to live and love in new ways. We all need your gifts. Its time to let your light shine!


Carol McWilliams, Ph.D. has a background in psychology, integrating body, mind and spirit for optimal health. She has been an entrepreneur for many years in the health and wellness field. Carol is passionate about helping people look good and feel great no matter what their age. She believes it is possible to have a youthful vitality: to live young, live passionately and live with heart for many years to come.


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