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Summer Storage

Wasn’t it just yesterday that you were tearfully moving your kid and all their stuff into college? Hard to believe, but the college year is almost over and soon it will be time for them to think about packing up their dorm room and storing stuff for the summer.

If your kid goes to college far from home, it is generally not necessary to haul everything back home, such as sheets, towels, fans, lamps, rugs, winter clothes, and other bulky items they will not be using over the summer. Most kids end up storing these items locally or with a company specializing in storage for college students. While it’s not terribly time-consuming, summer storage should be arranged in advance so kids are not scrambling to make arrangements right when they are in the middle of studying for finals.

Have no fear — there are options:

  • Some colleges may offer storage space for students who live far away from campus. And some frats and sororities allow storage over the summer for members who will be living in Greek houses next year. Encourage your student to check the college’s website or inquire at the residential life office to see if there are on-campus options.
  • Storage companies catering to the college market will deliver boxes and packing supplies to the dorm room, pick up the packed boxes, store everything over the summer, and deliver them back to campus in the fall. (They can even ship some of the boxes home for you as well.) Check the college’s website to see if your student’s college has contracted with any storage companies. If not, here are some you may want to check out: is one of the most popular companies catering to colleges all over the U.S. They have a full range of services, including door-to-door service, and can even store large items like bicycles, desk chairs and tvs. They’ll even store stuff while your kid is studying abroad or ship it home. Check their website for all the info. Costs start at about $45 per box including storage per semester/summer. Other storage companies include, and

Storage companies catering to the college student market offer a variety of options, so make sure your kid carves out some time to research the one that works best for their needs and budget. Encourage them not to wait till the last minute or the company may not be able to accommodate the pick up time your kid needs. And make sure to read the fine print about what happens if boxes are damaged or lost.

  • Do-it-yourself options can save you money but require a bit more legwork for your student. They’ll need to find a secure storage unit near campus, sign a lease, gather boxes and packing supplies, pack everything up and find a way to get everything over to the storage unit. Then, when they return for the fall semester, they will need to pick everything up and move it all back in to their new dorm. It’s more work – but hey, it builds character!

If you happen to have a friend or relative near campus, perhaps your student could luck out and store some boxes in their basement or garage during summer break.

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Before summer break, encourage your student to take coats and sweaters they won’t need to a dry cleaner near campus. They can have everything cleaned and ask if the cleaners would be amenable to storing items for them over the summer.

When you think back to all the stuff your kid schlepped to college, all the stuff purchased locally, and all the stuff they have accumulated since the beginning of the school year, summer storage is a great option. And it makes moving back into college in the fall a breeze!




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