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Packing for College

•Don’t Leave Home Without ‘Em•

In the excitement of buying things for the dorm room, figuring out what clothes to bring from home and what new clothes to buy, getting a computer and school supplies, there are some things your kid should bring from home that may be overlooked.  Here’s our short list for some important and sentimental items you may want to help them pull together before they leave:

Key Documents.  These include a driver’s license, passport, social security card, immunization records, health insurance cards, prescriptions and bank account information.  These documents will be needed for identification, travel, obtaining medical services and medication, getting a job, and accessing funds.  Make sure you keep a copy of these documents at home in case they are lost or stolen. Your child should also find a safe place at school to keep these documents.

Dressy Attire.  While your kid will no doubt spend most of the time in casual, comfortable clothing, they should also have some nicer clothes on hand.  They will come in very handy for formal parties on campus, for fraternity or sorority events, for attending any religious services, and for job interviews.  If your student is a business major, they will likely need to wear professional clothes at a variety of events.

Personal Keepsakes.  Send along some family photographs and other small personal items that will remind your child of home.  Although most kids today have all of their photos on their smartphones or computers, it is nice for them to put a picture on the wall in their dorm room, or in a frame on their desk, to make it feel a bit more like home.

Small Overnight Bag.  In the chaos of getting all of the stuff to college, and packing large suitcases to make sure everything fit, the one thing we forgot to send along was a small overnight bag for those short trips home (Thanksgiving), or weekend trips your kid may take with their friends.  A small duffle or rolling bag is perfect.

What did we miss?  Share your ideas with us about must-have items and tell us about some of the things your kid is planning to take from home.

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