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Halloween Surprise!

Can you imagine, in your wildest dreams, how much fun Halloween must be at college?

Kids decorate their dorm rooms and off-campus houses, dress up in crazy costumes and throw Halloween parties (not that they need a holiday to throw a party)…

If you were thinking about sending your college kid a care package, now is the perfect time to do it — and Halloween gives you permission to include candy!  We know you’re busy and may not have the time and energy to bake, run around to shop for stuff and do it all yourself. That’s why KnowsyMoms has teamed up with our super creative friends at Girl Friday. They’ll pull together a Halloween box of fun for your college student and ship it out. Super easy; super fun. And, in case you haven’t heard, their freshly-baked salted peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and brown butter rice krispie treats are to die for!

Here’s a picture of a Halloween Fun Box they are about to send out to some lucky college kid:

GF StickerGFHalloweenPackageGirl Friday’s Halloween Fun Box

This Halloween Fun Box includes delicious freshly-baked cookies (your choice of salted peanut butter chocolate chip, Toll House chocolate chip or brown butter rice krispie treats), Halloween mask, string of decorative Halloween lights, candy to share, microwave popcorn, chip clips, plastic drinking cup, Halloween straws, Cliff Bar energy bar, tissues, toothbrush and toothpaste. Yours will be custom-made to your specifications and budget/Cost depends on contents/Range: $65-$80 including baking, packaging, shipping. Please order by October 23.

Surprise your college kid and order one today! Contact Cindi at Girl Friday (on Facebook or call 626-221-5111). Please Note: Orders must be placed by October 23 to arrive on campus by Halloween.

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