Gone Again Jun27

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Gone Again

When he graduated from college last month, he was home for nine days. And then, poof! He was gone again.

Only this time, he wasn’t going back to school for the next semester or moving to San Francisco for a fleeting summer internship.

He was moving to New York to begin his life in ‘the real world.’ There was a job he needed to start and an apartment he needed to find.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m thrilled he has a job. I’m overjoyed that he is going off to live his life.

I’m just a little sad for us.

Now– instead of 4-week winter breaks and 12-week summer breaks –he gets two weeks of vacation a year. And even if he does choose to come home to see us during that time (what am I, dreaming?), it will only be to visit. To visit.

Because this time, he’s really gone.

I know, boo hoo, poor parents, never happy. Get a job, already! Don’t move too far away! What the heck do we want from them? When are we going to get our act together and just let go already? I used to think that my parents were saints to be so supportive when I fell in love and moved 3,000 miles away and never moved back. Now I realize they were just being fantastic parents.

Perhaps we learn to let go only when we learn to be selfless.