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Campus Safety

One of our KnowsyMoms readers recently connected us with the folks at Campus Safety Group, a growing cadre of educators, law enforcement professionals and planning experts devoted to creating safe and nurturing learning environments for students on K-12 and college campuses. With all the issues facing colleges today, it’s increasingly important for families to get knowsy about safety on and around campus! Here’s some of their excellent advice for parents of college students:

In April of 2009, my daughter was accepted to a local prestigious university. In July of that same year I started getting phone calls from parents of her friends. The reality had kicked in that their “little” boy or girl was about to be pushed out of the nest to head into the cruel world all alone. The elation of acceptance to college had turned into the angst of actually going to college. I will share with you some of what I shared with them.

For their part, colleges provide safety orientations to new students and their parents and alert students to dangerous situations on and around campus. The challenge is that many students are not as attentive as they could be in the orientation and many parents do not attend. Similarly, students may or may not pay attention to campus alerts and parents probably won’t receive or even know about the alert.

Here are a couple of tasks for parents designed to maintain a safety partnership:

What Parents Can Do

Before your student heads off to college you can take steps to develop a safety plan by gathering important phone numbers and websites. It is certainly better to have the information on hand than to have to search for it when needed.

Create a “Campus Safety” Phone list

  • Campus Police/Local Police
  • Safe walk service
  • Dorm R.A./Roommate
  • Health Center/Urgent Care/Local Hospital

Create a “Campus Safety” bookmark folder of websites

  • University social media pages, such as Facebook
  • Map of campus
  • Local Newspaper/News format radio station

Get connected

  • Sign up for campus & local police safety alerts (via email or text)
  • Join a parents’ group that utilizes social media communications
  • Local news media alerts

I recommend adding a trusted family member or friend to your safety team.  Share this information with them.  Hopefully your student will react appropriately when they receive an alert, but once they hear from you and the other person, they will realize they need to take notice.

There are real safety concerns on and around college campuses. Still, statistics show that most students will not be victims of a crime while in college. At the Campus Safety Group, we believe that investing just a little bit of time and attention will go a long way toward keeping your student on the good side of those stats.

For more information and comprehensive campus safety checklists please visit our website You can also visit our Facebook page, Campus Safety Group, or follow us on Twitter @CSGSafety. 


Eric Rosoff is a 31 year law enforcement veteran. He served as a member of the California Department of Education’s School/Law Enforcement Partnership and facilitated the implementation of safe school plans across the state. Eric is now the Executive Manager of the Campus Safety Group.


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