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•Buying Stuff for College: The Perfect Shopportunity•

Getting your kid off to college will inevitably involve a few purchases—clothing for a new climate, essentials for the dorm room, a new computer perhaps, and some extras to make living away from home just a bit more comfortable. One friend called dorm room shopping the perfect “shopportunity” because she and her son thoroughly enjoyed the time they spent together shopping. The pressure of getting into college was off, the stress of senior year a distant memory, and their time together was fun, relaxing and precious, as summer was quickly drawing to a close.

Although you will want to consider all of the things your child might need to help with the transition to college and living away from home, the dorm room clearly is the focus, since this will be your child’s new home. (If you are tearing up at the mere thought, trust us – shopping for stuff will help. It feels good to get your kids what they need. Remember those nesting instincts before they were born?)

Keep in mind that dorm rooms are typically small and there will likely be one or two other people sharing the space with your kid.  There’s not a lot of room for extra stuff.  Most dorms include a bed, dresser, closet, desk, desk chair and some type of overhead lighting. That’s it.

So what is it you really need to buy? Click here to download KnowsyMoms’ College Shopping Checklist – Essentials & Extras. For a peek into our favorites for the dorm room, see our post on Dorm Shopping.

And then click here to listen to what college students have to say about what they wish they brought with them freshman year.

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♦ Check out the dorm room floor plan online—most colleges provide this on their websites.

♦ You may get something in the mail from a company offering dorm room “sets” that are delivered to the dorm room. While this appears to be a convenient, less expensive way to go, we don’t recommend it.  The quality is not great (one freshman said her sheets felt like sandpaper), the selection is limited and the sets may include things you really don’t need or exclude things you may really want.  KnowsyMoms are big on the little creature comforts that help ease your kid’s adjustment to college life. Besides, you don’t want to miss out on the shopping experience, do you?

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