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August Angst!

I have not been this overwhelmed in one week since both my children had lice years ago. My daughter Emily is leaving for college next week and I have spent the entire week doing laundry, helping her pick up every single piece of clothing off her floor (hence the loads of laundry), spending almost $300 on toiletries (that stuff really adds up when you buy it all at one time for a few months supply–I am ready to become one of those crazed coupon-clipping women I see on TV) and still have not made the dreaded trip to Bed Bath and Beyond!

My denial about the emotional cost of my first child leaving the nest had clouded the cold hard reality of the COST of actually getting her settled there! We are doing the six-hour trip by car and I am staying two nights in a hotel but those costs are minimal compared to the things I didn’t even think of that she requires, and she is bringing a lot of stuff that she already has. I knew about the three pairs of dance shoes (she is an amazing singer and studying Musical Theatre but has to dance like A DANCER) and then of course getting the soles rubberized and adding the taps to the tap shoes, leotards, tights….

We haven’t even looked at the price of books and her poor younger brother who is going to be a sophomore in high school which starts three days after Emily “settles” in to college–I am giving him a sharpened pencil and wishing him Good Luck! Oh, did I mention I am also doing a garage sale this weekend? Yes, three days before we leave. I thought it would “motivate me” to clean out the house…ha! Now I am hoping it brings in about $10,000 to offset my expenses!

Oh, did I mention the 5 lbs. I gained because I am eating lots of chocolate and pistachio nuts and cheese, and crackers, and wine and..?

Bottom line: Moms are amazing, and I will be amazed if I get through this next week!!

— From new college mom, Nili Wronski

P.S. After spending another $300 at Bed Bath and Beyond last night, Emily woke me at midnight to say she finally found the $75 gift card someone had sent her to use there — which she spent all week looking for!! I give up!


Nili Wronski, lives in Wilmette, Il.,(though she still thinks of herself as a native New Yorker), stopped driving a minivan a year ago and is a popular children’s storyteller known as The Storybook Mom. Her daughter is the first to leave the nest and that leaves Nili in a house filled with testosterone with her husband and 15-year old son.


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