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About Us

Sometimes life throws you something wonderful when you least expect it.  When our sons met at work the summer before college and realized they were both leaving California to go across the country to Tufts University in Boston, we don’t think they envisioned their mothers becoming dear friends. But a chance meeting through a parents’ Facebook page, and an invitation to meet for lunch with a group of parents and other kids also going to Tufts, turned into a fortuitous surprise. We were just looking to make connections, mostly for our kids, but what we found was so much more.

It all started with the microfridge.

During that summer lunch, one of the moms who had an older son already in college began asking us if we had made decisions about the microfridge rental and if we had booked our hotel rooms for move-in weekend. We looked at each other thinking, “What the heck is a microfridge?” and, in an instant, realized that there was more to this college thing than just paying tuition and buying our California kids a warm winter coat. Clearly there were things we needed to know and things we should be doing. Now.

Like what?

As our oldest children prepared to leave for college, we quickly learned that there was more for us to do than just giving last minute tips on how to do laundry and manage their money. More than buying twin XL sheets for their dorm room. We asked friends for advice and turned to books and websites, sifting through pages of information to find answers to what we thought were simple, straightforward questions. We often could not find what we were looking for and much of the information we did find was dense and difficult to sort through. We occasionally came across some great articles and excellent ideas here and there, but nothing was in one central place. Why was it so difficult and time consuming to get answers? Certainly other parents were having the same experience, weren’t they? There had to be a better way to get the information we thought we needed and to find out what we were missing.

That is how KnowsyMoms came to be. 

So, what is KnowsyMoms? 

KnowsyMoms is the place for college parents.  It will help you with everything from what to buy to how to handle social and emotional challenges you and your student may encounter. We don’t claim to know it all but we promise to help you find the answers to any question you may have. All in one, easily accessible place where you can learn and grow and connect with other parents.

Here, we’ll share what we’ve learned along the way from our own experiences parenting college students and from lots of research.  It’s our goal to help reduce the inevitable stress that comes when you are searching for answers, when unexpected issues arise or decisions need to be made.  As much as we want and need to give our kids the room to grow and learn and become independent, we also know they need our guidance from time to time– and who knows, they may even ask for it.

Get in the know.

We hope you’ll join in and become a KnowsyMom (and we use that term loosely to include everyone — dads, grandparents, guardians, etc.). We welcome your feedback.  We want to know what you think, what you want to know, and what you have discovered. At its core, KnowsyMoms is a collaboration; a community– designed expressly for you.

With much affection,

Dani and Patti


Dani Rogers is an attorney practicing in Los Angeles, California and is married and has two children, one who graduated from Tufts University and one at Northwestern University. She got her undergraduate degree from UCLA and her law degree from University of San Francisco.

Patti Winkel is a college counselor with Collegewise in Pasadena. She is married and has two sons with beards, one who graduated from Tufts University and one at Northeastern University. Patti graduated from Connecticut College.

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